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It’s a great time to be a kid. With computing technology becoming more personal & affordable with each passing day, kids today have the privilege of observing, learning and consuming everything in an immersive interactive environment. Kids today are digital natives and are growing up in a completely different era. Indonesia based Sola Interactive recognized this huge opportunity and started their company in 2008 to serve this new market by developing animation, books and interactive flash games for kids.

Sola Interactive’s story goes back to the advent of touch-screen phones, which at the time were fast becoming very popular. They realized that ‘touch’ was the most natural, intuitive form of interacting with devices and would be the ideal UI for kids. As an experiment, Sola decided to pick up one of their popular games and ported it to iOS. The game ‘Make Me A Princess’ is now their most downloaded game, with over 2 million downloads! Some of their other popular games include: Modern Princess, Mermaid Princess, Mermaid Dress Up, Princess Make Up, Sara’s Pretty Pet Parlour & Princess Freestyle

Their foresight has been exemplary in identifying and building on a tremendous market opportunity. We are very excited to partner with the visionaries at Sola Interactive in monetizing their gaming titles. Sharing his perspective Dennis Wu from Sola Interactive mentioned: “We have seen that Banner ad revenues from other networks have dropped considerably over time as advertisers are paying lesser for these lower impact ads. Vserv.mobi’s full screen ads, enabled in One Click by their AppWrapper have increased our revenues, without increasing our integration workload!”

Fact File
Name Sola Interactive
Location Indonesia
Connect Website
Apps App Store

The team at Sola derives inspiration from their developer peers and is keen to continue passionately developing apps that educate & entertain!

With a strong foundation and clear focus in place, we are sure kids around the world will enjoy and be hooked on to the games developed by Sola Interactive. We wish them all the best in their endeavours to educate & entertain kids, and the kid in us all!

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