Vserv Smart Data™ for Telcos to Enhance ARPU

 <strong>An Untapped Channel</strong>

An Untapped Channel

OTT media is the key to an evolving mobile ecosystem. Mobile users are rapidly engaging with thousands of apps and sites. Exploit OTT media to add scale to your business and engage high value users.
<strong>Vserv Smart Data</strong>™ Solutions

Vserv Smart Data™ Solutions

Leverage your user intelligence with our smart data & actionable user personas to achieve unprecedented results. Custom offers and increased frequency on OTT media will translate to more activation and retention.

Enhance ARPU across Business Verticals

Powerful <strong>Analytics</strong>

Powerful Analytics

We leverage smart data to add new dimensions to your analysis, helping you better understand your customers. Our advanced analytics engine further augments these insights and presents actionable reports.
Recommendation <strong>Ads</strong>

Recommendation Ads

Based on your segmented offering, Vserv can provide relevant offers to the right user in real time. We also provide Click-to-Call, Click-to-SMS, Click-to-IVR integration along with HTML5, Video and more.

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