With the rapid adoption of smartphones, tablets and reinvention of smart technology over the years, the mobile gaming industry has peaked quite a lot and has attracted attention in emerging markets to a great extent. Gartner predicts that mobile games are the fastest-growing segment of the market, with revenue set to nearly double between 2013 and 2015 from $13.2 billion to $22 billion. Tapping into this lucrative market is our Developer of the Week from Hanoi, Vietnam – Sumogame.

Sumogame Team

Sumogame is a game studio founded in March 2013 with one programmer and two artists. Cao Dinh Bang, the CTO and co-founder of Sumogame started his journey when he graduated from the Ho Chi Minh University of Technology and joined Gameloft, Vietnam. After working on esteemed projects such as CSI Las Vegas, Spiderman and Asphalt 4, he decided to carve his own path with Android and iOS game development and that is where he took on Sumogame.

Their current business focus is specifically mobile gaming and they have around nine products published on Google Play, Opera store and AppBrain. As of now, Sumogame’s customers are primarily from locations such as America, Germany and Mexico. They use cross platform technology for gaming and aspire to take their product to other platforms such as iOS and Windows as well.

Some of their popular apps are Jewel Eggs with over 50,000 downloads and it only took them 15 days to get it to run smoothly. They have also developed NinjaMine, Tetris Classic Pro which also have over 50,000 downloads. In this New Year, Sumogame will focus on Windows platform with target to have 20 quality products listed on Windows store. At the same time, their long term vision is to be the leading mobile gaming company in Vietnam and South East Asia in the next three years.

Fact File
Name Sumogame
Location Hanoi, Vietnam
Connect Website
Apps Play Store

When asked about their experience of monetizing their apps with Vserv.mobi, Cao Dinh Bang said, “Vserv is very professional and we received great support from the team. We are just starting off with Vserv and we plan to integrate AppWrapper™ on our Windows phone products soon.”

In comparison with other ad exchanges, he really thinks Vserv is best choice and advices developers to focus on maximizing their revenue with the combination of some highest (eCPM) network by optimizing their fill rates.

For their future goals, Sumogame wants to maintain focus only on free mobile games in 2014 for Android, iOS, and Windows and they intend to move to social gaming and freemium model in the future. With such great success so far, their current vision looks strong especially in the booming mobile gaming economy. We wish them all the best in their journey to fulfill all their aspirations.

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