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This super sixer will guarantee a win with your consumers this cricket season


Mobile marketing sixer smartphone user cricket season featuredThere was a time when eager, impatient cricket fans at work would discreetly switch between browser windows, hit refresh and the web page would throw back the latest score for the day's cricket match. If you're sitting in an office and reading this, we bet you've done this at some point. If you tried and could not, a salute to your strong IT security team to regulate access while controlling their urge and, seems like you gave up too soon.

Gone are those days. Smartphones are where Indian cricket fans can be found today when not sitting in front of a television, or even when they are. Catching up on live scores is nowhere as tedious. There are apps that do this for the fans. Add live streaming to the mix, and smartphones have become the dream device for an Indian cricket fan.

Since cricket season is at its peak in the country with the current T20 World Cup and the Indian Premier League (IPL) being just a month away, if you're going after the cricket fan in your consumer, smartphones is where you will most likely find them. In fact, findings by Nielsen Informate Insights suggest a sharp rise in sports content consumption on by Indian smartphone users during such events. There is a three-fold increase in time spent by smartphone users on sports apps and sites. 26% of all smartphone users search for live scores while 16% searched for Live content.

For marketers looking to make the most of the cricket season and engage consumers, there could not be a better way than to reach out to them on smartphones. How can we then make the most of this opportunity to engage the smartphone wielding cricket fans in the country?

Know your users
live score update adWorking with a smart data led mobile marketing platform can tell you which cricket loving smartphone users to reach out to, be it on apps or mobile sites. Once you do, you can effectively engage these users.

Live score updates in your ads
A lot of these users will be looking for live score updates. However, not all of them will be accessing such an app or site all the time. A banner ad for your brand showing a live score update running in a non-sports app will go a long way in establishing a recall for your brand with these users, as they were thoughtfully provided a score update by your brand, even when they were not looking for it. They also did not have to leave their current content experience to go hunting for live score updates.

gamified ads

Gamified ad experiences
Today's rich media capabilities enable you to even offer a gaming experience to users within a mobile ad. For
instance, users could play cricket within a full-screen rich media ad for a product that unlocks a feature each time the user hits a four or a six. Or it could simply be engaging, wherein users will hit the ball, only if they tap on the screen at a particular instant. And every successful attempt earns them points. They can then share this achievement on social media.

Field the Native card
These cricket fans would be accessing a lot of sports apps through the day that provide news, live scores and other trivia. Integrating your brand message into this content through native ads, whose look and feel is much like the content they're being served with will be great way of taking your brand message in a timely yet unintrusive manner without affecting the content experience.

Batting with video ads
In current times and in the foreseen future, video will be a key driving force for mobile marketing in India. Improving mobile data connectivity means people will stream more videos online. This holds true for live streaming of matches which is fast catching up in the country. This is the perfect time to run with interstitial ads in apps that offer sports content, pre-roll video ads in video streams, and incentivized video ads for those cricket-based mobile games where users are channeling their inner support ad

Use mobile as your digital cricket field
Tap into the cricket season's excitement and hype with a branded mobile app or site that lets users play in a Fantasy Cricket League. With your audience primarily on smartphones, you can promote your app to these users through ads that encourage them to sign up for the fantasy cricket league. This is a great way to ensure engagement and brand recall, as users religiously come to your app to pit their favorite cricketers against each other in fantasy cricket matches. Add social sharing features to your app to let consumers share scores and thus create a buzz. They can even cheer for their favorite team with a rich media ad that lets them take a picture of themselves and share it with a support message for their favorite team on social. Your brand logo can be a part of this picture when it goes up on social media.

These above approaches are your strong batting line up on the mobile marketing playfield. Play them well, and you can bring home a win in terms of excellent engagement and brand recall by consumers.

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  1. Cricket is just a fabulous sport and it is very popular in India. ICC World Twenty20 this year and Indian Premier League are the best T20 cricket events.

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