Orient captivates more than 1.25 million users with an engaging mobile ad, through Vserv Authentic Data
March 6, 2018
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March 6, 2018

Tata Pravesh experiences the power of Vserv Authentic Data: Engages over 20,000 users, with +5% Opt-ins




Tata Steel wished to create awareness among a sizeable audience about Tata Pravesh ready made doors and engage them in a nation-wide community driven 'Doors Of India' activity.


Captivate an authentic audience segment for Tata Pravesh and subsequently scale community participation in the 'Doors of India' activity.

Vserv Solution

To establish the Tata Pravesh products and simultaneously draw participation to the 'Doors of India' activity, we strategized an engaging rich media ad campaign. Owing to the need to reach a large group of interested users, we chose both mobile (apps and sites) as well as social media (Facebook & Twitter) platforms.

The rich media ad showcased doors of historical architecture located in various parts of the nation and we wanted users to experience and interact with these doors. The ad asked users to 'tap' on the door to find out what is behind them. After the user had interacted with several different doors from around our country right on their mobile screen, the 'Doors of India' activity was introduced. Briefly explaining the activity via rich visuals, we then asked users to share their own stories using the 'Upload Your Story' CTA. On clicking the CTA, users landed on Tata Pravesh – Doors of India portal to post and view similar stories from other users.


Results for Tata Pravesh


Our visually packed ad was a great success as it captivated a sizeable audience for Tata Steel and introduced them to all the essential elements of Tata Pravesh and it's activity. The campaign delivered close to 1.15 million impressions and the effectiveness of this campaign was proved by achieving an engagement rate of 1.7%. Close to 20,000 users interacted with the ad and the campaign received close to 1000 stories in the #MyDoorMyStory activity. The campaign was widely shared by our target audience on Facebook and Twitter.


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