Southeast Asian countries are certainly transformed by a digital revolution of which Indonesia seem to be the most visible destination as per current statistics. Although only 22% of Indonesians have access to internet, economists predict that by 2015 all Indonesians will have at least one web-enabled mobile phone. The potential for social media can be boundless! We’re proud to be featuring so many developers in our ‘Developer of the Week’ from Indonesia. Taking advantage of this growing market trend; TechnoChez – a game developing studio which started operations in Bekasi.TechnoChez

TechnoChez, formerly known as SyApril Studio, was founded in June 2012.  Their name is a mash up of two words, Technology & Chestnut. Technology as it is symbolic of their field of work and Chestnut; simply because they love that colour. The team at TechnoChez comprises of a group of IT students who are passionate to play games and develop them. They intend to become the ‘best Gaming Development Studio’ in the world and influence others to follow their footsteps. Having begun as Desktop Programmers in grad-school, they stumbled upon a Nokia App Development workshop in college where they were introduced to the world of mobile apps & the infinite opportunities this space had. Since then the team at TechnoChez has developed some amazing mobile games; one amongst them being What’s Up Today.

Monetization was a big hurdle for TechnoChez as their initial mode to monetize was only via banner ads. It was only after they were introduced to’s AppWrapper did they realize the actual power of App Monetization. Syapril Ahshar, Founder & CEO of TechnoChez says “The best part about AppWrapper is the time & efforts it saves on Coding for developers like us. Just one click & voila; It’s done! Such simplified processes are a boon for startups like ours. Vserv also happens to be only platform we’re aware of that provides banner ads for Nokia S40 web aps.”

Fact File
Name TechnoChez
Location Bekasi, Indonesia
Connect Facebook, Twitter
Apps Nokia Store, Windows Store

In their foreseeable future, TechnoChez looks at developing apps for smartphones and tablets for Windows phones; especially Windows 8. With Indonesia sprouting as the preferred destination for Mobile App Developers, we’re glad to be working with a majority of them.

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