When you think of Bangalore, one of the first things that comes to you mind is the weather and greenery of the city. Bustling with tech startups and successful IT conglomerates, this garden city is India’s answer to Silicon Valley. Maybe there is something in the Bangalore air that inspires these tech enthusiasts to become global innovators. One such innovator is TechTree IT Systems Pvt Ltd.

TechTree- Vserv

Started in 2006, TechTree IT had a single objective of providing world class services in information technology and other allied technologies. What impressed us most about TechTree IT is their source of inspiration; ‘Nature’. The company’s philosophy is to be a solutions provider in the techno-commercial domain similar to how banyan and neem trees are to mankind. The ‘tree’ connection for TechTree IT was deep, with the branches referring to the various knowledge areas TechTree IT wanted to be a leader in mobile games, mobile applications, technology, business consultancy, and solutions for their customers. The trunk identified with the robust talent and confidence of the employees and the root was to go global by expanding to markets like Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa, North America and South America and become an Indian multinational company.

Fact File
Name TechTree IT Systems Pvt Ltd
Location India
Connect Website, Facebook
Apps AndroidNokia, App Store, Windows Phone

In 2010, TechTree IT ventured into mobile games and apps. Having already established itself as a provider of business solutions ranging from Enterprise, Reports & Analytics, Social Enterprise Networks and Cloud Computing, Mobile was the natural next step ahead. More than a strategic business move, it was the insatiable urge and passion of creating something new which had strong entertainment appeal that made TechTree IT get into the mobile app game development space. Today, with a repertoire of 120+ games and more than 10 million downloads, TechTree IT has learnt that mobile games are just not mere pieces of digital codes, but are serious fun products which connect with the users providing them absolute entertainment value. Popular games developed by TechTree IT which are available on the Nokia Store include the likes of TT Cricket Trivia and TT Drag Race, the latter having already generated more than 5 million downloads. In addition to the Nokia OVI store, the company has also developed games across other platforms like Android, iOS and Windows phone.


We are delighted and proud to partner with the passionate folks at TechTree IT Systems for monetizing their apps and are stimulated by their unique approach to business, where they view each day and action as an inspiration. Commenting on the partnership the TechTree folks stated: “The powerful AppWrapper has helped us to a great extent in monetizing our gaming titles. It has also helped us save time by reducing the development effort and yet generated higher revenues. It has been a pleasure dealing with the professional team at Vserv”.

When asked about advice for newcomers venturing into the space, the folks at TechTree IT stated that the business of apps  was similar to any other business with no shortcut formula to success. Getting successful according to TechTree is a combination of  step by step planning and execution of strategies coupled with a strong self belief. TechTree IT’s short term goal is to flood various app markets with tons of casual games which are fun and entertaining and in the longer term, focus on promoting and establishing India as a global gaming hub in terms of production as well as consumption.

With such strong roots we are confident that this tree will only grow stronger and wish them all the best for their future endeavours.

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