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December 10, 2012
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December 13, 2012

The emerging developer’s dilemma solved

Our CEO Dippak Khurana recently shared his insights with Impact Magazine on monetization opportunities for developers  in emerging markets.

Here are the excerpts:


Our digital domain is in an intriguing phase! While the world is getting app-ified, developers from emerging markets are facing systemic challenges that limit their ability to monetize their efforts. As users in emerging markets have a lower purchasing power and lack of credit cards to pay through app stores, these developers are not blindly emulating the ‘full purchase only’, paid app model unlike their western counterparts. While advertising supported free apps offer an alternative model, enabling ads on phone apps is a challenge given the device limitations.

Being among the pioneers of the business of developing mobile apps/games in India, Ashay Padwal and I decided to leverage our collective career experiences to develop a solution that could empower these developers. We wanted to enable developers to earn money from their efforts of creating wonderful apps, and thus founded Vserv. mobi in January 2010 to create an innovative technology platform for app monetization.

Working tirelessly to overcome several kinds of challenges, we rolled out the AppWrapper – the world’s simplest App Monetization platform. Using that, developers could enable both ads and micro transaction-based pricing in a single-click, without any coding effort. It was very well received by the developer community and very soon 1,000 apps were being powered by the AppWrapper. A pathbreaking product in the digital domain puts you in contact with some interesting talents of the world, and surely enough, we began working with some of the cleverest developers across the world.

We recently crossed the 10,000 apps milestone, a moment of success for me and my team. The mobile internet ecosystem in emerging markets is a dynamic, exciting place to be in these times, and we are glad to be among the drivers of change!

See how simple it is to use the AppWrapper 

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