The world is getting ‘App’ified – and India is leading that change! Apps are driving the Mobile ecosystem, similar to how websites powered desktop internet. Apps are forming an important element of consumer mobile behaviour – share of time spent on voice calls and texting is reducing; while time spent on apps and internet browsing is rising. With India rapidly growing as a major app destination, it is important to understand the underlying drivers of this rapidly growing ecosystem. This infographic will share interesting insights on the Rise of India as an App Superpower.



  1. Here is some stats on why it makes sense to build a smartphone app for the Indian market:

  2. Ruchi M. says:

    So your definition of High School age is grossly incorrect (10-12 years really?). Also, it is hard to believe that Facebook is not one of the top 18 apps in India. I find it hard to believe that “Newshunt” (copy some other app name here) can have more users than FB.

    Is this data based only on ads served by VServ or is it more broad based?

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