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March 29, 2016
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Three tips to help you map your programmatic journey right


We recently talked why programmatic buying needs to be an inherent part of your mobile marketing plan. While the basic premise of programmatic buying is that it adds a greater level of automation and efficiency to inventory buying and selling on mobile, it also brings a higher level of personalization and scale to mobile marketing, not just delivering greater consumer engagement but also better campaign performance.

However, going down the programmatic route can be a bit tricky and programmatic buying will not yield the desired results if not done the right way. Therefore, here's something to help chart your programmatic course of action:

1. Leverage as much data as possible
Programmatic buying relies strongly on data and works the best when fed with maximum amount of data. Availability of more data means optimizations can be done faster and impression buying is more efficient. For instance, the same data that can tell you about conversions, can also give an insight into the behavior of consumers who did not convert. Therefore a good idea would be to invest in a platform that draws such insights based on consumer interaction data and can help buy the right inventory via programmatic approaches.

2. Focus only on quality inventory
Programmatic buying gives access to ad inventory at scale. However the availability of such vast amount of inventory is making it difficult for marketers to get the content and context right. Marketers should focus on filtering out quality inventory from the vast pool of available inventory.

Doing so, not only helps ensure that the brand value is protected but also avoids both inventory and media wastage. Marketers should choose tools or platforms that intelligently separate the relevant and contextual inventory from the one that is not, to ensure that the programmatic buying results in maximum returns. Tools that offer fraud detection and verification capabilities, would help in this case as they would help create a brand safe environment.

3. Adopt attribution analytics
Another good practice to get programmatic buying right is to invest in analytical tools with attribution modeling in order to see which channels are most successfully engaging audiences. While working with multiple ad networks, last click attribution models can prevent the chances of advertiser being charged for the same install by different media sources.

While last click attribution models makes the billing process simple, advertiser should make use of view- through attribution to understand which other ad networks driving the users down the funnel as the consumer might decide to install a app or take intended action after multiple ad impressions or clicks. According to data by medialets, attribution was able to prove how ads were able to improve the download rates by 162% for an advertiser.

Mobile marketing when done correctly, helps the marketer reach out to the right audience with relevant, contextual messaging. Programmatic buying intelligently automates much of this process, but when done right taking into account the above three considerations, can deliver maximum impact with your mobile marketing efforts.

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