The following is an exclusive guest contributed post from Dippak Khurana, Co-founder & CEO, Vserv

This year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona saw its usual share of product innovations, and the App Planet exhibit featured more than 200 app developers showing off their latest, including some great tools for helping businesses streamline their operations. In particular, eight business apps stood out. While some of these are specific to a particular industry, their design innovation could well translate to other businesses:

BlackBerry Experience Suite: BlackBerry is still primarily known as a hardware provider, but at MWC, the company announced the expansion of its security, collaboration and communication packages for Android, iOS, and Windows devices in addition to the native BlackBerry platform. The packages include three areas of enterprise applications: Productivity for messaging, Communication and Collaboration for cloud-based sharing and video conferences, and Security for anti-spam/malware protection, privacy settings, and encryption. Read the full article on Venture Beat.

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