Virat Kutal

It takes a lot to be successful. It takes a lot more if you have had no formal training in the field you are trying to disrupt.

Fact File
Name Twist Mobile
Location India
Connect Website, Facebook
Apps Ovi Store

One such entrepreneur is Virat Khutal founder of Twist Mobile , a game development house based out of Indore, India. Like Kevin Systrom, Co-Founder of Instagram, Virat has not had formal training in software development. He graduated from IPS Academy in 2002 with a degree in Architecture. He always dreamt of building a product company for consumers, specifically the common man, someone working at the coffee shop around the corner, a waiter in a restaurant, someone who’s life is powered by circumstances on a day to day basis. He wanted his dream company to have high quality focussed differentiators. To chase his dream he started Twist Mobile in 2009 with a team of 4 people. Twist Mobile has now grown into a  50 people company, with offices in Indore and Singapore. They recently secured series A funding from Matrix Partners . Virat plans to scale the company to 120 employees and is planning to setup an office in Vietnam. Their growth has been amazing, even Nokia recognizes them as important developer partners.

But it was not all rosy to begin with; he initially worked with operators, who due to their size were not as nimble and agile as the 4 person startup. So to ramp up revenue he resorted to working on outsourced projects, which even though garnered decent revenue for the startup, was not as exciting as working for his dream company. Thus, his company started researching the “Age Effect”, which essentially decodes how a person’s looks change as he/she ages and built an app for it. While it did garner a lot of paid downloads from countries like Israel, the response from the Indian markets was not encouraging enough. He then got in touch with Dippak Khurana, our CEO , who suggested he should try monetizing using in-app advertisements. This put Virat in a dilemma, he did not want to spend additional time and effort rewriting the code to add advertisements.This is when Dippak then introduced him to the AppWrapper,  A technology that built, which drastically simplifies the effort and time required by a developer to integrate Ads into his/her application. His first Wrapped App was downloaded 300 times and it earned him 3$ on the first day. Shocked with the simplicity and excited with the prospect of growth, he told his team that this idea would make him a lot of money. Today his apps generate 2000$ on a bad day. In fact solved his initial problem of monetization through operators by introducing micropayments using the AppWrapper via operators. Twist Mobile is now successfully selling apps using Vodafone’s operator billing powered by Vserv’s AppWrapper.

Virat is a very successful businessman. He also understands how developers think. He believes one of the biggest pain points for developers who plan to monetize using in-app Ads, is the need to modify their app’s code. He believes that launch and exit Ads provide the users with the least disruptive experience and helps maintain the best game experience for the end user. He also states that “Developers who plan to monetize their Ads with in-app Ads should just focus on their products and user’s needs, Vserv will take care of monetization”.

We wish him all the best for the future.



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