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October 22, 2012
Unilever CLEAR Eurovaganza mobile campaign garners massive response on Vserv.mobi network
October 26, 2012

Unilever CLEAR Eurovaganza mobile campaign garners massive response on Vserv’s platform


EuroMobile as a medium is no longer an ‘option’. It is fast becoming an integral part of a brand’s strategic marketing plan. Unilever, the second largest FMCG advertiser in the world, launched a mobile campaign called “CLEAR Eugovaganza” in Indonesia. The mobile app called “CLEARBOLA” was launched during Euro 2012 and has proved to be a massive success.

The campaign objective was to effectively use mobile to target and engage 18-30 year old football crazed Indonesian men. The app was in Indonesian Bahasa dialect with content focusing on the Euro Cup. This included past tournament details, historical data and live scores of the present tournament. Users registered for a lucky draw using CLEARBOLA to enter a unique code obtained from a Clear Shampoo bottle, and three lucky users witnessed the finals of the Euro 2012 on the first of July in Ukraine.

Emerging markets were rapidly adopting Mobile Internet on feature phone devices, and countries like Indonesia epitomize this. The Indonesian mobile-internet ecosystem was then dominated by App capable feature phones having a 80% share. To ensure reach across the target audience, the ‘CLEARBOLA’ app was built with compatibility for feature phone devices. The campaign leveraged the Vserv platform for distribution.

The campaign has been a huge success with the ‘CLEARBOLA’ app generating downloads at an exceptional conversion rate of 15.25% and with Vserv delivering the target downloads in just 13 days. The app was also rated among the top 5 apps in the sports category on prominent App Stores. While the app witnessed maximum traction during the semifinal and final stages of the tournament, the app continues to be in use well after EURO 2012, with users still looking up scores, statistics, and historical data.

Having been well received by the Indonesian youth who were hooked on to EURO 2012, the ‘CLEARBOLA’ app campaign also resonated well with the brand’s DNA of being a sporty male brand.

The campaign’s success establishes the power of the mobile as a mass medium for brands in reaching, connecting and engaging with their target audience. The mobile is not just another screen, but the ‘primary’ screen for consumers today, more so in Emerging Markets. Our unique value proposition led to us winning Red Herring TOP 100 Asia 2012 and the MMA Smarties 2012 award for the Media Company of the year.

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