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February 24, 2015
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Unilever's Clear garnered nation-wide support for Indonesian U19 football team with a mobile ad


500x300-Success-Story2The Asian Football Federation Cup (AFC) is one of the premier pan-Asian sporting events. As the Indonesian U19 team qualified for this event, Clear, Unilever Global's leading shampoo brand, wanted to create awareness among Indonesians about their home team's participation at AFC and encourage them to to cheer for their home team.

Ringing in some football cheer
Mobile phones have today become an integral part of our day-to-day lives. We customize every aspect of our device, like the screen background and ringtone, to reflect our personality, style and moods.

Keeping this in mind, Clear collaborated with Vserv and created a mobile campaign targeted primarily at males between 15 to 45 years of age. A mobile ad campaign made perfect sense as the target audience is tech savvy, and always connected via their smartphones or feature phones. The mobile platform would also provide Clear the wide reach that it was aiming for.

A mobile banner ad was created that would be pushed to smartphones and feature phones. The ad encouraged users to download a special Clear Ayo ringtone and set it as their default ringtone for the duration of the tournament.

By doing so, users could pledge support for their home team and keep supporting it indirectly throughout the duration of the tournament. The cheer and support for their team would be amplified every time someone's phone rang.

Drawing support with mobile
Through the mobile ad campaign, users were informed about duration and venue of Asian Federation Cup and encouraged to cheer the home team. This not only ensured that awareness was created for Asian Federation Cup, but also that the content appealed to the patriotic emotions of users and helped garnered their support.

The reach of this campaign was incredible! Over 100,000 ringtones were downloaded directly from the mobile banner ads. The ads reached to a large population of Indonesia and were received and interacted with a great impact, thus clearly stating that audiences loved the campaign content. A large audience which was earlier unaware of the sporting event enthusiastically followed the AFC and cheered on the Indonesian native team.

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