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February 26, 2015
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March 2, 2015

Unlocking the power of high frequency-shopping: A lesson from India's data marketers


Sometimes we're on the wrong side of economics. Like when I'm running out of toothpaste from one of those unnecessarily small, over-priced, 0.8 oz travel tubes, I realize how little power I have to change the sizes of travel toothpaste sold on shelves. We all live in a world where we're incentivized to go big and buy 128-load magnums of Tide and 500+ channel, monthly cable subscriptions.

There is, however, one reliable way to get offline data for Indian consumers: mobile phone carriers. If only a company were in a position to package that data in a way that marketers could use. Enter Vserv, co-founded by Dippak Khurana and Ashay Padwal, who worked together for nearly a decade on Yahoo! Mail, Messenger, and SMS. After its early efforts as a video ad server, and then a free ad SDK for app developers, Vserv is now the first independent company to build a data management platform (DMP) on carrier data working in partnership with India's largest carrier, AirTel. Read the complete story on Pando Daily.



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