valeriy-skachko-vservGrowth of a country’s GDP is a barometer of the country’s prosperity. The mobile ecosystem is now contributing significantly to the growth of a nation. As Ukraine came out of the recession during the last two years, its Mobile penetration to grew from 112% to 118%.

The other factor which supports the growth of a country, is entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are the life blood of an economy, as they innovate, create opportunities for growth, create new jobs and new sources of income. In fact many countries are trying to promote entrepreneurship by passing laws that support it.

Fact File
Name Valeriy Skachko
Location Ukraine
Connect Website, Twitter,Facebook
Apps Opera Store

Entrepreneurs are people who love what they do and do what they love. The challenge of course is finding what you love. If you have managed to find it, there is a high chance it was a hobby that turned into a full time job.

Valeriy was one such developer who stumbled upon programming as a hobby, but now has a portfolio of 70+ apps with various utilities apps like dice, CPU tester and an ebook reader. He began to learn programming after he was unhappy with some of the apps he found. In fact in 2009 he started teaching programming for a mobile platforms.

Not satisfied with limited reach & revenue earned from paid apps, he decided to release a few apps for free supported with ads. Selecting was an easy choice. He did not want to go back and work on all the apps he was releasing for free, he wanted to use that time to make more apps and to improve his existing apps. The simplicity and speed of the AppWrapper™ made it a no brainer. From then on he has not looked back, and his revenue has been growing every month as his apps get more popular.

His constant source of inspiration are his closest friends and family. His colleagues also help him with a lot of great advice. He plans to start making apps for iOS and Windows Phone soon.

We wish him the best of luck on his future endeavors.

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