We love the mobile ecosystem!! One of the biggest pillars of this ecosystem are developers who usually are hidden behind large numbers, corporations and in some cases the Apps themselves. While we all are aware of popular Apps, their statistics and keep recommending them to our near and dear ones the developers themselves sometimes get lost in all the noise. But these developers have a story to share: a need that led them to make a App, the troubles they faced, what they did right, what inspires them. There is a lot to learn from such stories. We at Vserv.mobi are fortunate enough to work with many such sucessful developers – and we would like to share their success stories with you!

This is the first of many stories – of developers who have partnered with Vserv.mobi and achieved great success!

Like many young Indians VenkatRamanan Ramasubramanian from Trichy, Tamil Nadu aspired to become an Engineer. We congratulate him for recently earning his B.Tech degree in Computer Science from Sastra University,

Thanjavur. While many of us want to have some time off during our vacation he wanted to help the society in some way. During his 6th semester vacation, while the people of India were having protests against corruption and were rallying behind the JanLokpal Bill (roughly translated to Public Welfare Bill) he came up with the idea of building a platform for all the people who supported the bill. This platform would be a one stop shop for people to find news, discussions and events about the Lokpal bill, whenever & wherever they wanted. He also understood that the best place for such a platform would be the mobile and thus started building his fist App : Lokpal Messenger during his vacation last year.

Following the huge success of his first App, he and his friend Arun Balaji then decided to make more Apps under the guidance of their friend Ram Kashyap who is the head “Student Nokia” developer at their college. Some of the other Apps also gained a lot of traction. Their Music Mixer App has more than a million downloads, Student  Companion has more than half-a-million downloads while Notes Locker & Magic cards both have more than 300,000 downloads. Ram Kashyap constantly provided moral support during this period. He also suggested they try out Vserv.Mobi to monetize their Apps and make some pocket money. We are proud to say Venkat earns much more than pocket money from his Apps. While we won’t disclose how much he earns, Venkat says – “I’m very happy given that I’m earning 15 times more than the best job offer I received on campus”

When asked what he thinks about Vserv.mobi Venkat states : “Vserv makes monetizing much more simpler than other Ad-Networks. Another thing I love, is the support they provide, it’s the best I have personally experienced.”. He also mentioned that he strongly believes ads must not interfere with the App when the user is consuming it, which made it an easy choice for him to use the AppWrapper™ to place launch & exit ads.

Just like his friend Ram Kashyap who inspired him, he hopes others would be inspired to help the society. When asked what advice he would give to students aspiring to become developers, he states “First think of how your App will be useful to society at large, the rest including fame and money will follow.”

A true Geek at <3 – he can’t live without his laptop, mobile, netbeans and the Symbian OS!

We wish him the best – and thank him for partnering with Vserv.mobi in his journey of making amazing Apps that benefit society.


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