Struggling to measure the impact of your digital campaign across your store, app and site?

Introducing Vserv View Attribution Solution

Now enabling you to Measure
what Matters!

Meet Vivek,
your audience, a 21st century, digital first consumer.

You are spending on digital marketing to promote your product to Vivek.

Vivek sees your ad online and buys your product.

Vivek is now your customer.

But, Can you measure if consumers like Vivek buy your product from an offline store or online store after watching your digital ad?

How View Attribution helps your brand?


Measure user conversion across multiple-touchpoints (online store/ physical store) and get more control over your digital marketing campaigns.

Holistic View of your ROAS (Revenue on Ad Spends)

Granular Intelligence of your marketing campaign

More control over your digital spends

Publisher-specific comparison against conversion

Eagle-eye view over your Digital Spends v/s Customer spends.

To get more from your
marketing campaigns

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