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June 6, 2018
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Vserv scores a Century!
October 23, 2018

Vodafone partners with Vserv to bring back its most iconic mascot through it's #StrongerTogether campaign



Objective and Challenge

Vodafone is a leading telecom operator in India. From a strong telecom network, the company now also identifies itself as a "Data Strong Network" and wished to communicate the same to its existing and new consumers. The primary challenge was to diffuse Jio's narrative of superior data network.

To tackle the communication objective of emphasizing on the data strong network, Vodafone brought back its most iconic mascot of all time, the pug named 'Cheeka'. With 'Cheeka' back with his army of pugs it symbolized "#StrongerTogether" data network. Alongside, the TVC aimed at creating mass awareness, the mobile campaign was directed towards establishing a ''deeper and engaging connect'' with it's target audience and emphasise on Vodafone's Data Strong Network narrative.  

Following the insight that consumers hold mobile handsets vertically most of the time, Vserv leveraged its technology to replace the regular landscape video format with a vertical interactive video format. The creative team of Vserv, then designed a visually engaging ad centered around the Vodafone TVC with added interactivity.

For targeting users efficiently, we leveraged Vserv Authentic Data to precisely target Vodafone data customers with an average monthly bill of Rs 300. Alongside targeting existing  Vodafone users, our Vserv data science team created a lookalike audience pool of non-Vodafone customers with high data consumption. To summarize, the solution encompassed the creative innovation blended with engaging story-telling and consumer insights for precise audience targeting.



  • The campaign reached +323,000 unique Vodafone users, 40% higher than planned
  • It strongly appealed to +611,600 unique non-Vodafone users, 77% higher than planned
  • The campaign delivered a total of 160,000+ first click engagement, at a rate of 4.97%, 300% higher than planned
  • 30%+ of the first click users went on to watch the full video.


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