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May 29, 2018
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June 28, 2018

With Vserv Authentic Data, over 1.9 million users got a taste of 'Real Mocktails' new flavors



Objective and Challenge

Dabur wished to promote awareness among women about its new ready-to-drink Real Mocktails – Pina Colada and Virgin Mary. As one of the largest FMCG manufacturer in India, Dabur wanted to engage with consumers online and subsequently scale demand for Real Mocktails.


Real Mocktails aimed at adding zing to household parties and celebrations with its two new interesting flavors. Given the objective, we designed a rich media ad that would not only interactively showcase the two flavors but also give an overall product overview to the consumers.

Solution and Execution

Our rich media ad introduces the two new Real Mocktails flavors by showcasing their fun ingredients. Further, with simple 'swipe' gestures on the mobile screen, the ad showcases how Real Mocktails can enliven a house party. The ad further coaxed users to buy Real Mocktails juices through a CTA button – 'Buy Now' . Upon interaction with the CTA, users were directed to Big Basket's Real Mocktails listing from where they could place an online order.

Leveraging the Vserv Authentic Data, this interstitial rich media ad was targeted at female users who were beyond the age of 30 and homemakers on apps and sites. This targeting strategy proved beneficial as this audience set is usually the primary decision makers for such products in Indian homes.

Results for Dabur


The creative rich media ad coupled with our precise audience targeting reached high quality users, as Dabur had wished for. The campaign garnered over 2.2 million impressions and reached over 1.9 million unique users with an outstanding engagement rate of 2.86%. Our unique ad saw over 63,000 user interactions with an average time spent of 27 seconds, while over 7000 users hit the 'Buy Now' CTA.

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