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Vserv Authentic Data helped SAP India achieve success on mobile



SAP India, one the world's largest enterprise software providers was looking to create awareness among SME decision makers in India about their GST solution offerings for Indian companies.

Target audience:

SME decision makers in six metro cities of India.


Reaching out to this niche and captive target audience was a challenge for SAP.

Approach & Execution:

With the help of Vserv Authentic Data we could derive deterministic data on this niche audience set. We then decided to use three mediums to reach out to this audience set. One of the mediums was using Facebook targeting data combined with Vserv Authentic Data. We targeted users via a Facebook Carousel mobile ad informing them about SAP's offerings. The other two mediums were through an image and text message sent directly to SME decision makers in six Indian metro cities. The message also had a link taking users to SAP India's landing page.


Reaching out to our target audience via two different channels worked wonders for SAP India's GST mobile campaign. It turned out to be a huge success reaching over 416,000 SME decision makers in Indian metro cities such as Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai and Coimbatore. With around 870,000 impressions, the campaign received close to 6000 clicks that lead interested users to SAP's product page. With Vserv Authentic Data's smart segmentation strategy, SAP generated quality leads from this campaign.  

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