Delivering a seamless, non-intrusive mobile ad experience with Vserv Aqua Native
January 21, 2015
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Mobile native ads can get 57% higher click-through rate: Vserv
January 21, 2015

Vserv launches Aqua Native, the next generation native ads


Backed by Vserv Smart Data™, Vserv Aqua Native to deliver seamless, non-intrusive ad content with higher CTRs 

Mumbai, Singapore, London, Cape Town, January 21, 2015: Vserv, a leading smart data led mobile marketing platform, today announced the launch of Vserv Aqua Native, a dynamic native ad format powered by the Vserv Smart Data™ platform. Vserv Aqua Native is designed to facilitate seamless experience for consumers on mobile, inclusive of ads. It displays ads that are customized as per the environment, design and layout of the app or site, hence being able to retain consumer attention and reduce ad fatigue. This in turn leads to a higher average click-through rate (CTR) for the publisher.

As content is increasingly being consumed on smartphones today, ads are rapidly merging with the app content in the form of native ads. These ads provide a non-intrusive experience for consumers. It has been reported that 25% more consumers tend to notice native ads, thereby resulting in better conversions. Native ads today make perfect sense for publishers who are trying every trick in the book to grab the consumer attention. The free flowing nature of native ads effortlessly integrates marketing messages into content, without compromising on the user experience and results in earnings that were not possible earlier.

Commenting on the launch, Prashant Dixit, VP – Global Data & Supply Partnerships, Vserv said, "Vserv Aqua Native is a fluid ad format which can deliver 5760 different permutations of an ad to be displayed on the app or site. In addition to this, Vserv Aqua Native also allows the publishers to fully customize the ad based on their requirement. These unique features combined with our Vserv Smart Data™ platform make the overall consumer experience more authentic, customized and effective. "

"Today's multi-screen consumer prefers advertisements that do not disrupt the browsing experience. Vserv Aqua Native will enable us to provide more fulfilling experience to our customers and hence we are indeed very optimistic about working with Vserv in this endeavor." said Radhika Shukla, Head- Digital Media Products, The Hindu.

"We believe that native advertising allows for a far deeper and richer level of engagement with users. We look forward to work with the new Vserv Aqua Native platform in order to serve our customers better", said Eugene Kudinov, Business Development, HeroCraft.

Consumer interactions via native ads result in a 4X increase in CTR thus demonstrating that users prefer an engaging experience while browsing through the apps they love. That being said, native ads will also comprise a larger share of the mobile display ad budget by 2017, with publishers gradually realizing the positive results that native advertising generates.

Vserv Infographic-  Mobile Native Ads

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