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November 4, 2013
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November 7, 2013

Vserv.mobi announces a US $200,000 prize fund for the GDG Devfest at Kuala Lumpur

Following the popularity & dynamism our mobile app space is brewing on, one thing has become absolutely clear – a booming app industry is essential to drive a healthy mobile ecosystem. We at Vserv are committed to make contributory steps in nurturing the mechanics of such a vast landscape.

Post the success we garnered at the Rock Star Dev Event in July at Bandung (Indonesia) where we turbo-charged the Developer Ecosystem by announcing a US $100,000 fund, we’re back with another one! At the upcoming GDG Devfest in Kuala Lumpur, we are all set to launch a bigger prize fund of US $200,000 for developers who would participate in this contest (Equivalent to 634600 Malaysian Ringgit).


GDG Devfest is a day long community organised event for developers, students, startups etc on 10th Nov 2013 in Kuala Lumpur. David Yin (GM Developer Alliances) from our South East Asia team will also be talking on Android Monetization at 11:30 am in Track 2.

Developers attending GDG Devfest have to follow these simple steps to participate in our ‘Double your Revenue’ contest. At the end of the contest, we’d announce our Top 20 Developers who would have begun working with us to monetize their Apps to win a bonus of upto $10,000 per developer! In addition, all developers who sign up from the event are eligible for earning an extra $100 by using our Developer Dollar.

Here is how it works:

1. All developers attending GDG Devfest Kuala Lumpur are eligible to participate for this prize fund

2. To enter this competition, developers must visit the Vserv.mobi booth #5 at GDG Devfest Kuala Lumpur to inform us your email id and then sign up using our special Developer Dollar code.

3. Developers can then use our AppWrapper to enable ads on their Apps – at our booth or any time later. Once wrapped, these Apps can be put on App Stores or any other means for distribution to end users.

4. Over the next 20 days after the event, we will closely monitor revenues from all developers who registered at GDG Devfest Kuala Lumpur, and on 30th Nov 2013 we will announce the Top 20 Developers by revenue.

5. These Top 20 developers will get a BONUS PRIZE equivalent to their earning in Nov 2013 – upto a maximum bonus of $10,000

For example –

a. If a Developer makes $6,000 – he/she would stand a chance to win a bonus prize of $6,000.

b. If a Developer makes $12,000 – he/she would stand a chance to win a bonus prize of $10,000.

6. All developers outside the Top 20 will get the Developer Dollar bonus of $100 when they cross $100 in earnings.

If you are a developer attending GDG Devfest Kuala Lumpur – make sure you take part in this – it could change your outlook to App Monetization. Follow us on Twitter @vservmobi to keep yourself updated about this event!

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