AppOn (India)- Developer of The Week
February 18, 2013 to help US App Developers monetize in Emerging Markets
February 20, 2013 brings the power of AppWrapper and AudiencePro to Marmalade’s Developers

While the world is getting APPified, there continue to be multiple mobile OS platforms! Developing individual native Apps for all these platforms from scratch is at the bare minimum a tedious task, if not downright nerve racking. Building apps using cross-platform development tools simplifies the process of developing and maintaining products across platforms for a developer.

One of the leaders in cross-platform solutions for developers is London based Marmalade.
Marmalade allows development using C++ as well as HTML5, and supports most leading mobile OS platforms including iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone 8  amongst others. Top mobile game development majors like Zeptolab, Popcap, EA Games, Omgpop, Lipapps, Konami, SquareEnix have developed chart smashing mobile games using the Marmalade platform.

We are happy to announce that developers using Marmalade will now be able to leverage the network to monetize their apps, in One Click using the Vserv AppWrapper. We also now have a SDK for Marmalade that developers can use for deeper integration and monetization. Both these approaches bring the power of premium ads from our AudiencePro platform to the enhance monetization.

Emerging markets like India & SE Asia are witnessing massive App downloads. Given our expertise in emerging markets, Marmalade’s developers will get a chance to maximize their monetization capabilities in these markets. We look forward to continue empowering the developer ecosystem by forging more such partnerships.

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