The world is being APPified! But with the mobile ecosystem being so diverse, creating apps for each OS platform is “a necessary  evil” that developers cannot escape.

Building cross-platform mobile apps is a great idea as it simplifies the process the building an app across platforms. The good folks at Codename One have created an innovative technology platform that allows you to do just that! Forbes recently named them as of the top 10 disruptive companies this year.

Codename One allows developers to code in Java and yet produce unique native mobile apps across multiple mobile operating systems such as J2ME iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows 7 and other platforms, using a single code base. The only piece of the product puzzle left to be solved is monetization – and that’s where we come in. is proud to announce a partnership with Codename One for App Monetization. Codename One developers will now be able to create amazing cross-platform apps and monetize them globally via our premium in-app advertising.


Sample Ad

Monetizing your apps is as simple as filling  out 4  fields in a form to enable premium ads in your app!

As a leading global mobile ad network we have been growing at a tremendous pace (308% over the past year). Our innovative  AppWrapper platform allows comprehensive App monetization in One Click without any coding effort.  We are also perhaps the only Ad Network that monetizes both feature phone apps & smart phone apps.

This feature is currently available in their netbeans plugin and the Codename One team is working hard to implement the same functionality in eclipse as well.

So what are you waiting for: sign up with us and download the Codename One SDK to build some great apps. And please do share them with us on , or

See how simple it is to use the AppWrapper™ 

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