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January 12, 2013
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January 14, 2013

Vserv.mobi launches revolutionary AudiencePro platform – Airtel is our first Telco partner!

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We just turned 3 and it’s time to shift into top gear!

After the revolutionary AppWrapper monetization platform, we are thrilled to announce our second ‘game changing’ technology platform – AudiencePro, that will unlock tremendous value across the entire mobile ecosystem, including Telecom providers, Advertisers, Publishers & App Developers.


This launch, makes Vserv.mobi the first Mobile Ad Network to globally roll out an offering that combines its scale & audience, with Telcos, to offer unprecedented audience targeting opportunities to advertisers.

AudiencePro-Vserv1stTimeEverThis platform combines the scale of our Global Mobile Ad Network with relevant mobile user data from Telcos, allowing advertisers targeting based on demographics, spending power, mobile network usage history, location, content relevance & device specific data, to reach exactly the audience they want.

The AudiencePro platform will allow advertisers to reach mobile subscribers with highly relevant ads, displayed on multiple inventory sources across the Vserv.mobi network, including 20,000+ Apps powered by our innovative AppWrapper technology, thus enabling targeted advertising at a massive scale like never before. The AudiencePro platform will include support for all creative formats, including impactful rich media formats such as Full Screen Ads, Video and HTLM5 interactive ads.

We believe that with Audience Pro, we are creating a paradigm shift in the Mobile Advertsing landscape! Here is how AudiencePro will benefit all the key players in the Mobile Ecosystem:


Will have a unique opportunity to Ad monetize their users across any site or app.

Vserv-Advertiser Advertisers

Will be able to reach exactly the audience they want via premium ads across mobile sites, apps & games.


Will experience higher levels of monetization, due to the audience profile layer being enabled on their inventory, without any additional cost.

Vserv-Developer Developers

Will get the power of the premium AudiencePro ads enables in One Click, by the AppWrapper – which makes it even more powerful monetization option now!

Vserv-ConsumerMobile Internet Users

Will get highly relevant ads aligned with their consumption needs, thus making their Mobile Internet experience even better.


As part of our launch, we are happy to announce that Airtel has signed up with us for this platform. Airtel is the world’s third largest telecom operator by subscriber base, and we are proud to have them as the first partner for this revolutionary platform. AudiencePro offers Telcos a unique innovative approach to Mobile Advertising and helps move forward the Mobile ecosystem. Given our tremendous experience & presence across emerging markets, we are will be rapidly rolling out this platform globally.

Before we sign off – we would like to mention that, all of us at Vserv.mobi are deeply committed towards protecting consumer privacy. The AudiencePro platform adheres to the highest standards of privacy protection, while also offering consumers flexibility & complete control via an “opt-out” mechanism. The platform works by using broad categories to serve relevant ads, and does not use any Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

We have definitely started the new year with a bang, but this is just the start of the year – keep watching this space for more such announcements as we roll out the AudiencePro platform with more partners globally.

For any clarification, thoughts, feedback on AudiencePro – please feel free to write to us at ap@vserv.mobi and we promise to connect back with you at the earliest!




  1. rj5555 says:

    How/where will the winners be announched?

  2. maaprilette says:

    Hey this good news! Congratulations on the new partnership! mobile marketing

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