Invigorating the e-commerce industry with our new Search Intent Mobile Ads
April 16, 2014
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April 21, 2014

Vserv Set To Boost the E-commerce Industry with Search Intent Mobile Ads


Launches innovative new ad format that combines the power of search and mobile ads

San Francisco/ Mumbai / Singapore/ Ho Chi Minh City/ Jakarta/  Kuala Lumpur/ Manila/Bangkok/Brasilia – 16th April, 2014 – Vserv, an award winning mobile advertising exchange, today announced the launch of Search Intent Ads, a new advertising format that integrates the power of search into mobile ads. This format is designed to help marketers attain relevant consumers and facilitate their buying decisions via a seamless in-ad search strategy. Search Intent Ads are enabled via full screen mobile ads on the Vserv exchange across 150,000 apps and sites. The ad format will leverage user intent and deep linking to drive these relevant consumers to the right purchase funnel.

Propelled by the growing prevalence of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, emerging markets like India and South East Asia experienced a doubling of mobile data traffic in 2013. Mobile shopping has created a strong influence on the e-commerce sector, and mobile searches have been effective in helping consumers make crucial purchase decisions swiftly. Studies show that 75% of mobile searches lead to follow-up actions such as purchases and word-of-mouth sharing. Search Intent Ads allow e-commerce players to leverage this growing consumer reliance on mobile Internet use by offering consumers a fast, easy and engaging brand experience by searching for products on the mobile ad.

"E-Commerce companies are constantly seeking effective ways to reach mobile users," said Dippak Khurana, CEO and Co-Founder, Vserv. "Nearly 30 percent of the traffic on e-commerce sites comes from mobile, and we expect this ratio to increase to 70 percent by next year.  Asia-Pacific region is poised to become the largest regional e-commerce market in the world with expected annual sales to reach USD 525.2 billion. We are excited to further boost this sector with the launch of Search Intent Ads on our exchange to help marketers engage highly relevant consumers."

Commenting on the innovation, Rohit Dadwal, Managing Director, Asia Pacific Ltd, Mobile Marketing Association, said, "Search Intent Ads launched by Vserv is a first of its kind compelling mobile advertising solution that will help boost mobile enabled commerce. The timing of this advertising format launch complements the growth of mobile media consumption habits evolving from mere browsing to interactive engagement. The solution would enable commerce providers to engage consumers and facilitate the path to purchase led by advertising. Marketers would be able to harness the benefits of mobile marketing more effectively with such an innovation."

The versatile Search Intent Ad format can be used by brands across all industries like banking, financial services, insurance, automotive and many more. Segmented sections of the advertisements can provide quick access to popular product categories and can be customised to take advantage of current trends and special seasons. By enabling, deep linking,brands can further re-engage, re-target and gain higher ROI from mobile ads. Click here to learn more about Search Intent Ads.


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