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July 9, 2014
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FAQs – Self Serve Platform For Publishers & Developers


1.  How to access stats?

All your stats are available under the 'Analytics' section [1].

We have enhanced the analytics to provide you with more control on the way you monitor stats. You can now group your statistics by upto three parameters [2] and rearrange these parameters in the desired order

2.  Where are my zones? What are ‘Ad Spots’?

What used to be called 'Zones', have now been renames to Ad Spots. Subsequently 'Zone ID' has been renamed to 'Adspot ID'

3.  Where do I see my zone /Ad Spot listing?

From the top navigation, if you navigate to Apps & Sites>Ad Spots [3], you will come to see the list of all Ad Spots which is same as Zones.


4.  How do I create new Ad Spots?

In the top navigation, under Apps & Sites, there is a '+' sign beside 'Ad Spots' [4]. This can be used to create a new Ad Spot (On hovering you will notice the label changes to 'Create Ad Spot'). New Ad Spot can also be created from the Ad Spot listing page by clicking the 'New Ad Spot' button on the top right [5].


5.  What does ‘Creating App/Site’ mean?

If you have a new App/Site that you want to monetize with us, this section will ask you to select the appropriate Ad Spot [6] and provide you with the invocation code.

Once you use the Ad Spot and start sending us live traffic, the system automatically creates the App/Site under that Ad Spot.

6.  From where can I get my invocation code?

To get the invocation code of a given Ad Spot, click on the Ad Spot name [7] to go to its management page.

The 'Integration' button on the top right will guide you to the invocation code [8] [9].

Alternatively, you can create a new Ad Spot and get the invocation code instantly.


7.  What are ‘Apps & Sites’ ?

Apps & Sites are mobile websites OR mobile apps from where we are detecting traffic under your Ad Spots. This allows you to understand the properties which are most/least profitable for you and gives you an opportunity to optimize your ad placements for better income.

8.  I see many Sites / Apps listed under my ‘Apps & Sites’ which do not belong to me. What are these?

At times, we detect traffic from various intermediary IP addresses and generic domains such as ads.google.com.  If you observe apps/sites which are not yours, you can ignore them.

However, if a particular app/site is contributing to a lot of traffic and it does not belong to you, please inform us.

9.  What is 'Dashboard'?

Dashboard is an upcoming feature. This page will allow you to add gadgets and monitor several sites/apps/Ad Spots from one place. The feature is being built right now and will roll out soon. Watch out for further communication.

10.  How to change my bank details?

Navigate to the dropdown menu beside your username and then click on the link 'Profile Settings' [10]. From this you can change your bank details and also your personal details in our database. [11]

11.  How can I see my payments history?

In the dropdown menu beside your username, there is a link which says 'See earnings history' [12]. This will show your complete transaction history [13]


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