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How Vserv took MWC visitors on a fascinating journey to emerging markets with its innovative booth concept


MWC Booth case study

Every year, the global mobile ecosystem comes together at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) where an array of innovative technologies and concepts are presented to the world. This year's MWC was themed specifically around innovation and therefore promised to bring a lot of more innovative mobile technologies.

Vserv has been exhibiting at MWC since the past 4 years, however this year was special as the theme of the event was perfectly in line with Vserv's recent advancements in the mobile marketing space. It was the right platform for Vserv to showcase its game-changing smart data platform that has redefined mobile marketing across emerging markets like India, Southeast Asia (SEA), Middle East & Africa (MEA) and Latin America (LATAM).

Embark on a journey across emerging markets
Every country has its own unique attributes – its people, cultural diversity, its history and even economy. Much of this can only be experienced by exploring the country with someone who has strong knowledge about the region.

It is this thought that Vserv wanted to bank upon to showcase its strong presence in emerging markets, by taking visitors at its MWC booth on a one-of-a-kind journey that piques their interest about these markets. Through this concept of a journey, Vserv wanted to provide MWC visitors, a glimpse into the mobile internet users and the unique nuances of mobile marketing in these markets. The target audience was app developers, data partners, marketers and telcos who attended MWC 2015.

The Vserv stall was converted into an actual life-like design of an international airport lounge. The idea was to create an ambience that resonates with the thought of embarking on a journey, by taking a flight to these markets.

Get aboard the Vserv flight to emerging markets
In order to make visitors feel like they are at an actual airport, a section of a life size model of an Airbus A-380 aircraft was created. The emerging markets that the passengers would get acquainted with were highlighted on a world map spread across the body of the aircraft.

A display screen ran a video that showcased the mobile ecosystem across emerging markets through tourism-style ads. A departure ticker on the display gave visitors a glimpse into the total number of mobile internet users for 2014, as well as the predicted growth for 2017

As visitors walked in, they were also handed a boarding pass with a QR code which would take them to the Vserv website when scanned. Vserv's senior management was present at the lounge wearing jerseys that looked like pilot/captain uniforms, waiting to guide them and take them through the key highlights of each of these markets.

An eye-catching concept
Since MWC is generally themed around innovation, our stall concept was seen as very innovative and was very well-received by visitors. Inquisitiveness drove attendees to visit the stall and catch a glimpse of this creative design, which translated into high footfalls. The stall design made a strong impact in three ways:
1. Shock and awe – Visitors to the Vserv stall stopped by for a picture of / with the aircraft
2. Intrigue – Everyone who visited the Vserv stall was curious to understand what went behind putting such an unconventional and creative concept together
3. Participation – With hundreds of walk-ins every hour, visitors were interested to learn more about the emerging markets as well as the mobile ecosystem as part of their business discussion. This also enabled them to understand Vserv's contribution to the mobile ecosystem and the value that the company brings to its' customers. The lounge area of the stall provided visitors with an area where they could have relaxed business meetings away from the hustle and bustle of the event.

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