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Why Vserv's Kiss & Tell campaign for Magnum was a huge hit among Indonesian consumers


magnumKnown worldwide for over two decades as the ice cream synonymous with indulgent pleasure – Magnum, wanted to launch their two new variants namely Magnum Pink and Magnum Black and create engagement around it.

What’s Your Ice-cream Personality?
Magnum intended to create a distinct personality for each of the two newly launched flavours and highlight them with ice creams for different moments. Both the Magnum Pink and Magnum Black were allotted different traits that users could associate with depending on their own attributes and choices. The target group for this campaign was primarily female smartphone users in the age group of 20 – 35 years from Indonesia.

In order to get the consensus over which of the two Magnum ice cream variants was more sought after, users were asked to co-ordinate several actions such as shaking, swiping and tapping their phones to proceed to view the advertisement. For probably the first time ever, users were asked to kiss their phone screens to participate in an ad campaign. The simple touch sensitive functionality was modified to achieve a refreshingly new and unique method to interact with smartphones.

The Making of Magnum’s Kiss & Tell Campaign
Vserv created an innovative and interactive mobile banner for smartphones users to engage them with the two new variants. Users were shown a split screen with 2 lipsticks, one pink and another a dark reddish black. Each side had few personality traits mentioned and users were asked to choose an option.

After selecting the side, users were asked to do something unique but slightly unusual. Users had to kiss their phone screens! Doing so invoked the multi-touch functionality and the accelerometer and the new variant was introduced to the users. The kiss was registered and the users were shown the correct Magnum variant based on their personality. Users were encouraged to share this happiness with their friends and family by sending them a virtual Magnum and a kiss by entering their email IDs

Scoops of Interactive Innovation
The unique quirkiness of the Magnum campaign along with smart banner ads generated 44,136 clicks with an average CTR of 1.86%. Also, 4.49% of the users kissed the ad and engaged with it.

This campaign not only promoted the new variants of Magnum, but also created a buzz around the unique new method of interacting with smartphones. It was observed that more people chose Magnum Black over Magnum Pink. The objective of driving participation and engagement through mobile innovation was aptly achieved.


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