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January 28, 2015
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How Vserv's "Shake your phone to mix" mobile ad campaign garnered great consumer response for Horlicks


Horlicks2 GSK's Horlicks is a malted milk drink, which is claimed to provide energy and certain essential nutrients. Horlicks is a brand that perfectly balances a rich heritage with constant innovation, to ensure it makes its consumers do more, feel better and live longer.

Horlicks announced the launch of Horlicks Chocoquick – that makes instant chocolate milk, in the company's latest commercial. To create awareness about the benefits of the product, the company was looking to reach out to consumers and drive a message that 'Chocolate Horlicks mixes instantly in milk'. The target audience for this pan-India campaign was mothers in the 25 to 44 age group and young kids.

Banking on mobile to engage consumers
Understanding GSK's need for innovative and unique strategies and campaigns especially in the mobile space, we created the perfect product benefit demonstration using the accelerometer functionality of mobile which required digressing from the conventional route where the mobile ad mimics the TV commercial.

A rich-media ad highlighted the key product benefits of Horlicks Chocoquick by providing a demonstration of how exactly Horlicks mixes in milk. It prompted users to tap on the add to add Chocolate Horlicks to a glass of milk. Once the powder was added to the glass of milk, it then prompted users to shake their phones to mix the powder with the milk giving an impression that Chocolate Horlicks mixes quickly with milk.

Later, users were also allowed to download the recipes that can be made using Horlicks. A simple creative communicated the message and allowed users to interact and engage with the ad.

For mothers, the choice of content that the ad will precede was chosen based on the demographic and interest based targeting (ad content suitable for specific demography and their interests). Since demographic targeting was not possible for kids, we went ahead with only interest based targeting and created special packs for kids, that were custom designed to cover a wide range of kids oriented genres based on their affinity.

To reach this very specific target audience, we targeted a few key publishers which we knew were frequented by them. As we wanted to reach out to mothers, we targeted smartphone users only on these publishers which acted as the perfect platform to engage with our target audience.

Creating awareness through a virtual experience
The campaign was innovative in its approach by allowing user engagement via a virtual experience approach which proved highly successful and in line with consumer attitude. The simplicity of the message, the directness of the medium, the engaging creative and strategic targeting was all responsible for a highly innovative and successful campaign.

Of the total impressions served, a whopping 39.16% engaged with the 'shake to mix instant Chocolate Horlicks' feature. The engagement rate for the 'shake to get recipe' feature was between 2.3% to 5%. Also, the number of clicks leading to Landing page was about 47.2% of the total clicks. The entire campaign saw a CTR of 8.02% and an engagement of 11.34%.

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