The most convenient way to buy and manage mobile ads with Vserv Authentic Data

Easy setup on the Vserv DSP tool

Our smart and highly intuitive DSP makes it easier for you to setup, run and manage your mobile advertising campaigns. All you need to do is provide your campaign goals, ad-creatives and select the supply source and our platform will intelligently help you achieve these goals.

Key Features

Simplified Campaign Management

A highly intuitive and goal-based self-serve interface helps you setup, run and manage your mobile ad campaigns in few simple steps

Goal-driven Campaign Optimization

The proprietary Vserv DSP algorithm smartly ensures that your mobile ad is only pushed to that intended audience which is highly likely to engage with it

Transparent Pricing

No hidden media or data cost. What you pay is what our publisher or data source gets

Programmatic Buying

Get the best bid value for your audience across all leading mobile ad exchanges. Take advantage of your campaign management and analytics.

Unified Reporting

Highly detailed campaign reporting gives you an in-depth view of your mobile advertising post your campaign starts running

Choose the audience you want to target

Vserv authentic data offers you the widest range of audience targeting parameters that include age, gender, location, interest and personas, with a collective reach of 300 million users. A wide variety of ad formats such as video, native, html and display, help you engage this audience better and achieve your mobile advertising objective.

Plug into high quality supply sources

Social apps

News, Sports & Utility apps

Gaming & Entertainment apps

Featured Case Studies

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