Outsourcing technology is becoming a popular trend in the West. This is shifting attention and focus towards NeoIT cities in South-East Asia for being a more viable option as they outsource labor & expertise at 40% lesser price than established markets like India & China. This is accounting for exponential growth in countries like Vietnam that have been witnessing a steady growth of 20% per annum since 2001. WinStore.vn in Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam is one such player in this market today.winstorevn team

WinStore.vn is a Windows phone community in Vietnam – a converging ground for app developers to promote & communicate their creations; and get help on increasing revenue through in-app advertising, targeted marketing etc. Today nearly after a year of commencing operations, WinStore.vn stands strong with 15,000 members!

With extensive market research and superior understanding of the market, WinStore.vn is able to provide the right insight to clients about the needs of the market & behavioral patterns. They also make it a point to publish apps based on this research & share their experience with the Vietnam Developer Community. One of their biggest success’ is the Winstore-vn-entertainment – a top entertainment channel in Vietnam today.

Since WinStore.vn works as a conglomerate for App Developers, revenue generation is an extremely important aspect for them. Talking about app monetization, Ly Khoi Toan says, “Generating revenue from advertising on apps is important for every developer. We’re very glad to have associated with Vserv as their constant support & dedication has made us believe in monetizing apps successfully & in the right manner.”

Fact File
Name Winstore.vn
Location Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam
Connect Website, Facebook
Apps Windows Store

WinStore.vn carries a very positive outlook in terms of the constructive feedback they receive. They believe it helps them improve their understanding of the market in Vietnam and integrate that in the kind of apps they create. Here’s wishing them all the luck in making a strong mark globally!

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