It is popularly said that ideas are worth nothing unless executed. It is execution that matters! This is what separates the ‘doers’ from the ‘dreamers’. Gurgaon based Yogesh Kumawat is one such developer who never left any idea on the drawing board and implemented every idea he had, however absurd or simple it sounded. This passion to build something new led him to founding YGB Games.

Yogesh KumawatYogesh used to develop web based applications but was frustrated when he could not access the same on his mobile; hence he delved into App development. His initial foray into it was challenging as he wasn’t sure where to begin. Yogesh quickly addressed this issue and gained confidence by interacting with several experts at various App Development seminars and workshops. He is immensely passionate about Mobile and believes that it’s the future! With this ideology, Yogesh has been working on implementing several of his ideas and some of his popular ones include Chess Race, Full Form, Finding Ball, & Runner amongst others.

Fact File
Name Yogesh Kumawat
Location India
Connect Website, Twitter
Apps Play Store, Handster, Nokia Store

As an organization we have always backed young App entrepreneurs as we believe they push the mobile ecosystem forward.  On partnering with Vserv for monetizing his apps, Yogesh states, ”I tried using other ad networks, but revenues were very low. Vserv’s AppWrapper technology has not only increased my revenues significantly but also saved me a lot of development time. In addition, the folks at Vserv have been very professional and I look forward to being associated with them for all my future apps.”

His advice to fellow developers is to work hard, execute ideas and the results will follow. With future plans of expanding his App portfolio, we are sure Yogesh will be an inspiration to several App entrepreneurs. Here’s wishing him all the very best in his future endeavours.

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  1. Vijay Jangid says:

    Congratulation’s YGB!

    Keep up the hard work…m//


    Vijay Jangid

  2. Kushagra says:

    Great job Man!
    Wish to see you touch great heights soon.

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